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Choosing a Crystal Wine Glass

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There is always plenty of debate on the topic, but it’s widely considered by wine experts that you need to use a crystal wine glass in order to get the best taste out of a particular bottle. Thus, if you’re really looking to get involved with fine wines and fine dining, these types of glasses are going to be essential. That being said, it’s difficult to choose a crystal glass, so there are a number of different things that you need to consider. In general, it’s become almost factual that everything about a particular wine improves when you drink it from a crystal glass; this includes the smell, the color and of course the taste.

"Learn to live, laugh, and love the wine in your life."

Wine glasses have gone through much different iteration, and only really started becoming heavily designed a couple of hundred years ago. The French started delivering much higher quality crystal wine glasses that were completely clear, without decoration, and these soon became the standard for wine tastings and fine dining. These glasses were incredibly popular, but also extremely expensive, and even nobles used to buy them in small sets rather than buying hundreds, such was the expense of these glasses.

It’s important to choose a completely clear glass so that you can see the true color of the wine. You’re also going to want to buy a crystal glass that has a wide bottom with a narrower top. This will allow you to swirl the wine fairly vigorously in order to get as much aroma out of it as possible. Clearly, you’re going to want a larger glass for red wine, and small, thinner, glasses for white wine. This is especially true if you’re going to serve sparkling wines, since it’s important that the wines are tall to allow the bubbles to be released from the wine. Choose a glass that glints in the sunlight and is brilliantly clear, and make sure that it’s been designed to allow you get a good aroma from the wine, since this is the biggest factor when you use different wine glasses.

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