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The Different Types of Wine

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When you first encounter wine, you might struggle to understand it, and you might feel quite overwhelmed. This is primarily because it’s an industry with a huge amount of jargon, and just understanding the different types of wine that are available to you can be difficult. However, the starting point for learning about wine is always going to be learning which wines you can buy, and there are a few major variations that you’re going to come across.

Red wine is produced from grapes of the red variety, and fermented for a long time. The grapes might be known as “red”, but they are actually more black than red. The skin of the grape is what gives the wine its color, and since there are so many different types of grape that are used in red wine, the color can vary a lot. Red wine is arguably the most popular style, but is also the most expensive. It can be kept for many years and the actually production process can take more time, with a longer mixing period required.

"Learn to live, laugh, and love the wine in your life."

Rosé wines are actually not just a mixture of red and white. They are produced from the juices of the same grapes that are used to produce red wine, except less of the skin is used. During the fermentation process, the wine maker will simply decide what kind of color he/she wants, and then withdraw the juices at that particular point.

White wine is, surprisingly, made from either black grapes or white grapes, which is something most people never even consider.

It’s important to note that it’s never the color of the grape juices which make the difference; it is always the color of the grape skin. The actual juices of the grape are colorless.

Sparkling wines are another popular style, with Champagne obviously being the most famous. They are produced from a standard base of a dry white wine and then added to yeast and sugar solution that gives it the gas to bubble away. With so many different types of wine, you really just have to dive in and start tasting in order to learn more.

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