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Storing Your Wine at Perfect Temperatures

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With incredible advancements in technology that we’ve seen over the years, the wine industry has really taken off. The reason is that we are now able to control the way wines mature much more than we ever were before, so now we can ensure that our entire wine collection is perfectly stored. The amount of knowledge that we’ve gleaned from this research is incredible, and we can now have exact temperatures for the storage of wine.

If you really want to be able to store your wine properly, you’re probably going to want to consider a wine cellar. With a fully stocked cellar, and with the right equipment, you can slowly age hundreds of wines that will appreciate in value while you keep them. The trick is to make sure that you get the temperature right, which is something that many people fail to do.

"Learn to live, laugh, and love the wine in your life."

It’s actually fairly simple. The first step is to always make sure that your wine cellar is cool, and not hot. High levels of heat will activate the wines and turn them very bad very quickly, and you really won’t be able to keep them for very long before they are completely ruined. It’s also true that your cellar shouldn’t be too cold, since this can damage the wine as well, but it should definitely feel cool.

It’s worth being able to choose different zones of your cellar for different types of wine at different temperatures. This means you can take the exact temperature that the wine should be stored at and implement it perfectly, rather than just having a “one temperature fits all” policy. Red wine, for example, should not be stored at the same temperature as white wine, since it will be too cold. This is primarily to ensure that the wine is ready to serve, but it may also age a little bit too slowly if you keep it too cold.

Remember to allow your wines to breathe before you poor them for tasting. This breathing will allow them to open up to new flavors and fragrances.

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